Is ok to snort oxycodone

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23.02.2008 · Best Answer: Just about anything can be snorted. Is it advisable? no. Don't know and don't want to know. Sounds dangerous. Can you go ahead and
i have posted this information before via reply to a previous thread, but it did not seem to be widely acknowledged or accepted.well, now i have found yet ANOTHER
Where Can I Buy Oxycodone Online - USA. (opioids) For those who snort.
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Can You Snort Tylox
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Snorting gets the drug into your system faster and gives you more of a "rush" or "high", this "rush" is where the danger can become more prevalent for drugs that are
How To Snort New Op Oxycodone Questions and Answers, including How to snort new op oxycontin? How to snort new op oxy?
16.01.2008 · Best Answer: Pills are filled with binders and other nasties that you do not exacly want in your nasal cavity. Also the ER means extended release, so there
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Is ok to snort oxycodone

What happens if you snort oxycodone - The.

Is ok to snort oxycodone

can you snort immediate release oxycodone.
  • Can you snort oxycodone ER 10mg? - Yahoo!.

How To Snort New Op Oxycodone - Ask.

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